167 The Power of Print with Joshua Holko | Replay

The Great Outdoors Photography Podcast
The Great Outdoors Photography Podcast
167 The Power of Print with Joshua Holko | Replay

Printing is the ultimate manifestation of your photographs and in this episode I talk with Joshua Holko about the joy, appreciation, and the value of printing. We also demystify the process a bit.

Main Topic: 
Our discussion on printing.

  1. The joy and value of the final print.
  2. Some technical issues to consider, color profiles etc.
  3. Some talk about what to do in LR and PS.
  4. Printer specific talk.
  5. What it takes to make the print “sing”
  6. Finding an audience for our work
  7. Back to printing… Rendering Intent
  8. Thinking about expectations from your screen: View it on YouTube https://youtu.be/wKuHGHH5Tqw?si=DvpwwXVFOB_woJet
  9. Environments for viewing prints.

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A dose of inspiration:

“Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly.”
—John 7:24 NLT

“Throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor, Catch the trade winds in your sales. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
—Mark Twain